This book really disclose the door and take away the covering of H. Pylori disease as described in this book in some accurate details that including numbers of patients, drugs used, preventive measures, laboratory results, clinical and ultrasonographic examinations that provided a photos which were taken in pre and in post therapeutic periods, particularly the photos that show the fallen polyps without surgery, and all of them will be presented and published for the first time, for example, the gastric images will show  the gastric  as a whole organ  ,fundus, body and antrum by one view, in addition to reveal the importance of these examinations to discover the changes in inner layer (mucosa and sub mucosa), middle layer (muscularis) and outer layer (adventitia), by using the chrome characteristics and the color mode to look for blood supply of polyps which differ from other tumors by its appearance in ultrasonographic study but not by endoscopic examination due to the specific characteristics of H. Pylori threads that absorbing some fluids which make them  larger  in size than before as something floating then coalesced together to form masses which specified by the presence of the pathognomonic sign of H. Pylori the Eye-Sign

In this book we have also  most important, unique and complete description of the thickened and enlarged lymphatic bags due to narrowed out lets, there are four lymphatic bags that represent the lymphatic colanders; one in each arm pet and one in each side of pelvic cavity, as will be explained in the book

 Also this book has to  answer the following enquiry : why there are multiple systemic diseases in patients with H. Pylori infection? and why there are different presentation among patients who ingested the same food or liquid? The answer simply will be written inside this book , where I have pointing to the possibility of genetic changes  due to facilitating or provoking action that was done by the H. Pylori ability to take control of human organs, for example , recurrent polyps formation in more than one organ , rebounding hypertension, rebounding hyperglycemia, recurrent masses formation at the same site that was removed from it by surgery,  all of these prove that there is a detected level of the pathological process reached to it and not allowing for it to disappear from the human body , because the only responsible for this reading or monitoring is the immune system (the guard) and the premium which is the genetic system that is responsible on the human cellular growing and functions in the sequent generations of human beings, hence, this is the truth because all of these diseases that were differently presented are uniformly responded to one therapeutic program and at the same time reappeared uniformly after recurrence of the infection

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This book is for diagnosis of H. Pylori infection in the human beings, it is a gram negative

bacteria affects the gastric antrum but really it becomes more spread to involve the whole

gastric in all age groups, and not only the antrum, and it results in human suffering for

decades pushing a large numbers of them , if not every person , to look for benefits by

using a many different remedies for his manifestations that make a large number of

doctors to treat them symptomatically or to prescribe anti-depressive or anti- psychotic

for the patient with frequent visits to the doctor clinics due to little or no response to

.relieve symptoms , like unilateral burning,  para-umbilical pain or burning , chronic headache or else

. Therefore ,this book will be more important , unique and useful for others helping them by complete description of the clinical and ultrasonographic approaches for achieving its great goals that will facilitate the diagnosis of H. Pylori disease, particularly in cases with negative H. Pylori antigen of stool samples by using the clinical signs as hairy tongue and thickest subcutaneous layer of the lower abdomen and by using an ultrasound examination to see the pathognomonic sign of H. Pylori infection in gastric and extra-gastric organs to decrease  financial spending and to avoid a time lose, and also this book Will describe the modes of H. Pylori transmission to human, I have proven that the H. Pylori is transmit to human via the oral rout as a result of using the treated sewage water or its manure , for vegetables irrigations and fertilizations, for modern making of food stuffs and beverages, by meat of infected cows,  cattle and chickens, by milk and dairy products, by eggs, and by contaminated food or liquids with saliva of infected person, because it infects also the families with high income and not only that with low cultural and economic levels